Thursday, February 10, 2011

Player Profile: Matt Hendricks

The Washington Capitals have had a decent season so far this year, but there is one player who leaves everything he has on the ice night after night. That player is #26 Matt Hendricks. The Capitals signed Hendricks on September 27, 2010, to a one year contract after he went to the team’s training camp for a tryout.
Matt Hendricks started his NHL career with the Nashville Predators; the team he was drafted by out of high school in 2000. He then made his way through a couple AHL teams including the Hershey Bears for the 2006-2007 season.
The Boston Bruins would sign him after that and he would eventually make his way to the Colorado Avalanche where he would play in his first ever NHL game. Matt played only 4 games that season and did not record a point. Next season with the Avs, Hendricks would score his first career goal in the first game of the season vs. the Blackhawks. He would play 56 games logging 9 goals and 16 points in the 2009-2010 season.
This year it has been a pleasure to watch Matt Hendricks play in Washington in only his 2nd career NHL season. He has taken the role of the team tough guy, dropping the gloves 12 times for the Caps this year. Hendricks has 7 goals and 16 points in 52 games this season. Night in and night out this man is nonstop hitting and making an effort towards the puck. He truly is a coach’s dream player. Without a doubt he is the best roster move the Caps have made this season.
I look forward to watching Matt Hendricks the rest of the season fighting, hitting, and scoring flashy goals (like his breakaway goal vs. Toronto Maple Leafs) siiicckkk! Through blood, sweat, and determination this 29 year old hockey player has proven that hard work pays off eventually. The Washington Capitals organization is lucky to have you!


  1. Yes Indeed - we are all very lucky to know and watch the ways of Hendricks. Believe in the CUP - I'm sure Hendricks does.
    GO CAPS!

  2. very true only if every player had his intensity night after night